Harmonic Filters



Any device with non-linear operating characteristics can produce harmonics in your power system. If you are currently using equipment that can cause harmonics or have experienced harmonic related problems, harmonic filtering equipment may be the solution for you.

ITD offers the following services:

Harmonic Analysis

The first step in solving harmonic related problems is to perform an analysis to determine the specific needs of your electrical distribution system. To determine capacitor and filter requirements, it is necessary to perform a technical harmonic content study. Capacitors, reactors and filters are then specified under very detailed and stringent computer analysis to meet your needs.

Harmonic filters

Harmonic currents can be significantly reduced in an electrical system by using a harmonic filter. In its basic form, a filter consists of a capacitor connected in series with a reactor tuned to a specific harmonic frequency.

ITD offers Harmonic Analysis studies and installation of harmonic filters at both:

  • Low Voltage
  • Medium Voltage