Lightning and Grounding Systems


ITD offers to design, build and maintain grounding and lightning systems for commercial and industrial buildings based on NFPA 70 (National Electric Code) and NFPA 780 (Standard for the Installation of Lightning Protection Systems) standards and supported with IEEE recommendations such as UL label design and maintenance of lightning and grounding systems with the support of our experienced and prestigious vendors such as Harger.

We design grounding systems for standard or special applications such as data centers, clean rooms, hazardous waste rooms, antistatic clean rooms, etc.

Our grounding system projects and measurements are based on IEEE standards such as Std. IEEE 142-199, IEEE 80-2000 and IEEE 81-1983.

Soil resistivity measurement

Soil resistivity testing is the single most critical factor in electrical grounding design. Good soil models are the base of all grounding designs and they are developed from accurate soil resistivity testing.