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Advances in digital cellular communications technology have enabled powerful new capabilities in fire alarm signal transmission. The reliability and flexibility of cellular alarm communication are increasingly making it the first communication channel choice for new installations. In existing systems, many end users are cutting their landlines and upgrading their fire alarm control panels (FACP) to cellular.

Incorporating digital cellular communication capabilities in FACPs can reduce the end user’s monthly phone bill. It can also enhance security because cellular connections can’t accidentally be downed by limbs or high winds like POTS wires, and can’t be intentionally cut by intruders.

The DMP XR500 Command Processor Panel, equipped with the DMP 463G Digital Cellular Communicator, provides UL-approved cellular FACP communication. The 463G earned the UL864 (9th edition) listing, enabling it to serve as a standalone communications link to Central Stations when used with the DMP XR500 in commercial fire systems. It meets the requirements for the 2002, 2007 and 2010 versions of the NFPA72 code. The Fire Slave input option of the XR500 is also ANSI UL864-listed when used with the DMP463G.

XR500 Panels can be configured with Cellular communications, as well as Dial-Up and Network, and existing panels can be easily upgraded with cellular technology. The 463G Digital Cellular Communicator makes adding cellular as easy as inserting a board. With SecureCom cellular service, DMP dealers have a one-stop source for cellular FACP communication.

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