Fire Suppression Systems


ECARO-25® Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

Superior, Cost-Effective Clean Agent Fire Protection

Water-based fire suppression systems (sprinklers) are designed to protect people and structures. But when it comes to protecting high value machinery, computers and other electronic equipment, water can be more damaging than the fire itself! An ECARO-25® clean agent fire suppression system is the superior, cost-effective choice for protecting electronics and high-value assets - reducing the threat of needless downtime and business interruption.

Less Clean Agent

Fike's ECARO-25 clean agent fire protection system requires 20% less clean agent per cubic foot/meter than HFC-227 ea or FM-200® fire suppression systems and an incredible 38% less clean agent than FK-5-1-12 - that's a significant cost savings.

Protecting the Planet

CFCs, Halons and other chemicals are destroying the vital ozone layer that protects us. ECARO-25 clean agent fire protection systems feature the non-ozone depleting clean agent FE-25™ from DuPont™, providing our customers with the fire protection they need and still protecting the earth's precious ozone layer. Now is the time to save the ozone and our planet by choosing Fike's ECARO-25 clean agent fire suppression system. USGBC LEED® Recognized

More Efficient

In addition, the superior physical properties of Dupont™ FE-25™, the clean agent used in the ECARO-25 system, allow you to utilize small diameter piping over long distances, making the clean agent pipe network design much easier and less expensive. And ECARO-25 is 15% more efficient in hold time than a HFC-227 ea or FM-200 fire suppression systems, and 25% more efficient than a FK-5-1-12 system.